The fifteenth night tradition

Yesterday was Day 15 of CNY - what we usually call Chap Goh Mei, which literally means fifteenth night. It is also known as the chinese Valentine's Day with the tradition of throwing oranges into the river to find love. I have been joking about throwing oranges every year, but this year it finally happened.

Ironic that it had to happen just weeks after the resolution of my almost-found-him sad case. I guess it probably means throwing the orange is an act of faith and hope for a better tomorrow. It is a good reminder to guard my heart tighter against any possible hurt. It means that I am to be stronger and not get easily swayed or conned. It also means that I should not swim oceans for people who do not even bother to cross the bridge for me.

It is going to be Valentine's Day in two days' time. I am glad I sorted out all the rubbish I was going through just at the end of last year. I am glad there is no more what ifs or should I questions. I am contented that I only have myself to worry about - my fitness goals, my careers and aspirations. 

I said it over and over again. I am alright. I really am.


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