A whirlwind of

I am sometimes quite amazed at how time can just fly by so swiftly. The last time I wrote here was a month and half ago. I had always wanted to rant out here - would be planning my blog posts mentally every day, yet I never executed them. This is the evidence of how reduced my screen (lap top) time has become. Blame it on the defects-filled laptop (ASUS from 2010 or something like that) which has a rubbish keyboard and bugs at every corner possible. Today, I somehow brilliantly thought of plugging in an external keyboard, saving my the pain of clicking on the missing keys on the on-screen keyboard.

That aside.

I have become a sluggish sloth and a fat woman. Sad, but true. Without proper monitoring, I have since crept up a couple of kilos on the scale, evidently showing on my swollen stricken face and flabby tummy.

It is actually rather discouraging because I am not convinced that I actually binge eat that much. Neither have I been neglecting my working out sessions. I try to comply to at least 30 minutes of functional or total body workouts almost every day. I do not know what I have been doing wrong - should I be starving myself or water intoxicate myself?

The latest news regarding the contestants of The Biggest Loser gaining all their weight back and finding it even harder to maintain or fighting the weight off kind of rings a bell in me. I truly believe that I have screwed my body so much that I would gain weight just with any calorie intake more than 500 a day. It is really tough and continues to remain one of my life-long unfinished battles.

Me at my fattest (in Bali this year)

Thought I was fat back then (nope, nowhere fatter than now)

(even this seems like the so-called 'ideal' size)

Oh well.

What can I say or lament. Every other thing seems like it is not going on as planned. Everything seems to falter and fall into wrong places. Situations, timings, circumstances... be it career, family or finances.

Having rambled so much on the negative side of things, I really should start to work harder rather than sit there and faff around. No use reminiscing the good old days when running 5km and falling in love could maintain you in a good shape without worrying about pub food. 

Before I leave in a sad note, I must share a couple of photos from Bali - a trip with my two other college roommates a decade ago. Beautiful cliff scenes and happening beach areas!


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