Furnishing vs financial

I am contemplating. I only have one more year left in this city. Yes, my fifth and final year. And I have moved, once again! Speaking of contradictory action and antagonism - I win them all! Anyway, I am contemplating. I am weighing the consequences and benefits - should I spend, say many hundred bucks to furnish and complete the place I am going to rent? There is a high possibility I would never get back financially in return. Not to mention, I am going to spend so much on the room itself. Cosy vs money.. how should I go about?

My soon-to-be housemate and I were planning to get some second hand rubber wood 6-seater dining table to put in the bare dining hall. The original small dining table we plan to shift to the side as a side table. Put a table runner and it would look fantastic!

You see, if I had, say, 5 more years here.. I might just splurge. But 1 year?

I ain't so sure.


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