The french house

We once viewed this house for sale - it was up for RM400k. We thought it was ridiculous for a semi-detached house, but went to view it anyway, out of curiosity. We were amazed when we entered the house - everything in the house was made of quality furniture. The owner even showed us the window which he claimed was from 'fa guo' which means France.

French window?

Quite sturdy, though.

It was a good place but the porch was not big enough for our then three cars (now we have FOUR!), we abandoned the idea of purchasing the house.

Fast forward. My family went to Paris where they stayed in this Disney village. It was then they found out the French windows were the same as the ones they saw at that house.

I sure do miss the house. If one were to start a small family, it is the prefect house, trust me!


Lynnwei said…

but now the house also not bad..i mean the one we are living in...

more space for scooby and hei gou!

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