The chatter box

I have never been really a chatter box. I only remember long phone chats with two friends - a Malay girl, Jasmine when I was 9 and Sylvia when I was 16 -17. It is indeed more realistic to talk rather than text. You can express more if you listen to the other person's voice at the end of the line. As long as I can remember, chats can be very therapeutic. Especially when you just need someone to rant to. While teen chat may be perceived as very "teeny" kind of conversations, there are other serious issues to look in, as well. I believe that there are many chat lines out there who cater for the need for those who want to look for some stranger to rant out their problems. Telling their current friends might not help at all. If you're simply a chatter box and just want to chat all the way because you think you can't live a day without talking to someone, I urge you to look out for free chat services. What's the point of paying so much to talk?


Sherp said…
Wah, so many posts after 4 days of not reading. It's good. Keep it up. I like reading what u blog.
Sherp said…
Oops. that was me, ueiying.
lynnx01 said…
Ehehehhe! THanks anyway. :)

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