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How to lose one kilo

Many people commented that I have lost weight since coming back from district after a one-year stint there.

Truth to be told - I only lost one kilo on the weighing scale! Yet, everyone commented that I looked like I have lost quite a significant amount. I am thankful that I look much healthier these days, but I must admit; it is not easy to keep up.

A year ago before I left for district So, how did I lose that one kilo?

I wanted to say, "just fall in love!" but I think no one would believe. I still think it was the main reason of metabolism recovery (to the very least) for my body.

Therefore, I am trying to lay out tips on how to lose that one kilo

1. Eat a hearty breakfast 
I find that a full breakfast at the start of the day helps keep you full and reduce the risk of eating plenty of junk food. I usually do a big bowl of oats and something else - toast, sio bee or whatever. If I don't do breakfast, I find that I eat various random food which may include unhealthy options…

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