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RIP Nexus and mailbox story

It has only been a year and probably a week since my sisters bought Nexus 5 the google phone for me. I was comfortable with the interface and how google apps all fitted nicely into the phone. Just last week it was updated to Oreo..

Oreo... hmphhh
And then yesterday, the phone just died on me.

That few hours without a phone made me realise how much we rely on tech these days. It was that blanket of insecurity. The fear that you are not able to reach your family or close contacts. I managed to finally got hold of a sim card adapter and transfered my nano sim into my old ancient phone as a temporary measure.

Last photo captured on Nexus 5 before it gave way
Now that I am at another crossroad in life (LOL!) I have to make some decisions. To get a good phone? Invest in something hardy with shiny specs? Stick to the basic? Use a hand-me-down phone instead?
I am not entirely sure. So many choices! I am so spoilt.
That being said, my ICU rotation has been madness. I was so defeated and exhaus…

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